Using WordPress

Editing a page

  1. Pages > Tree View
  2. Click the page title
  3. Edit the page content
  4. Click “Update”

Creating a link

  1. Highlight the text
  2. Click the chain icon (middle of the top row of the toolbar)
  3. If you are linking to a page on the same site, start typing the page title and select it in the dropdown
  4. If you are linking to a page on another site, type or paste the URL

Editing an existing link

  1. Click the link
  2. Click the pencil icon
  3. Edit the URL
  4. Click the arrow icon

Adding an image

  1. Click “Add Media” (above the visual editor)
  2. If the image has already been uploaded, click on it and skip to (5)
  3. Click the “Upload Files” tab
  4. Drop or select the file(s)
  5. By default, a 300×300 thumbnail with no alignment will be inserted. To change these settings, scroll to down to the bottom of the right pane (“Attachment Details”).
  6. Click “Insert into page”