Wednesday Night Track Workouts

Welcome to the DCRRC Wednesday Night Track Workouts. In conjunction with our year-round distance-specific training programs, and our regular Saturday Long Runs, these workouts aim to give runners of all abilities the fitness to reach their goals. For the novice or casual runner, these workouts will challenge you to a higher level of running fitness. For the competitive runner, track workouts are an essential means to reaching personal bests and to succeed at whatever level you are competing.

Where & When

Unless otherwise noted, workouts are held on the track at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington. We meet near the concession stand (southeast corner) at 7:10pm and start the workout at 7:15pm. Warmups, drills, etc. are on your own.


Our workouts focus on two of the three forms of speed work used by distance runners from the 5K to the Marathon: Stamina Training (10K race pace or slower) and Interval Training (around 5K race pace). We also do a limited amount of Speed Training (faster than 5K race pace) especially during the summer.

Don’t worry if this is new to you, and especially if you feel that track workouts are for “fast” runners. Our posted workouts are suggested maximums, and can be individually tailored to your current level of fitness and specific running goals. Our coach, Ed Grant, has been leading these workouts for 20 years, and is happy to customize a workout plan to meet your needs.


To get a sense of how fast you should run during these workouts, we encourage you use the McMillan Running Calculator. You can plug in a recent race time and a goal race time, and the Calculator will churn out Training Paces (click on that term) for everything from long runs to speed paces. We recommend applying Mark Hadley’s temperature + dew point adjustments in warm and humid weather. Temperature and dew point forecasts are available from the National Weather Service.

Wednesday Night Track Workouts: September-December 2016

Members & Guests:

The very good news is that, with the exception of Wednesday September 7, there are currently no scheduled high school games at the W-L Stadium on Wednesday nights through the end of the year. Postponed games may still be an issue, but the clear schedule is a blessing. With that in mind, the following are the workouts through the end of the year.

Remember to use the McMillan Running Calculator to determine your training paces. “Tempo” pace below is equivalent to McMillan’s “Tempo Run” and “Tempo Interval” paces; 8K-10K pace is equivalent to McMillan’s “cruise intervals” pace; 5K pace equivalent to McMillan’s “speed intervals” pace.

Note for All: Since this is prime marathon training season, the number of repeats posted for each workout is commensurate with the the peak phases of marathon training (pre-taper). All workouts can be modified by adjusting the number of repeats and/or suggested pace.

Note for ATM/Half-Marathon Training Group: Please do not be intimidated by the number of repeats/intensity of the posted workouts. We will modify the workouts each week for your specific race goals (usually by reducing the number of repeats and pace).

Finally, thanks as always to Dylan Barlett for stepping in when the coach is absent, and for providing refreshment each week.

Wednesday September 7: Workout on Custis Trail. Due to predicted high temperature, will limit to “3-minutes on, 2-minutes recovery,” total of 8 repeats. “ON” repeats should be at a comfortably hard pace given the conditions, starting slower on the first repeat. Run in eastward direction (toward city); Coach will set up a beverage stop shortly after the corkscrew descent (between mile markers 2.5 and 2.0) with water and Gatorade.

Wednesday September 14: (Coach Ed will be absent): High temps still predicted. Step-Ladder workout. 400M – 800M – 1200M – 1200M – 800M – 400M. 10K pace on the “ladder up” (first three repeats); 5K pace on the “ladder down.” Recovery is 400M jog after each repeat; supplement with a hydration break between the two 1200Ms.

Wednesday September 21: Four 5:00 repeats at 5K pace; 5:00 recovery.

Wednesday September 28: 12 – 18 x 400M @ 10K pace; 100M jog recovery.

Wednesday October 5: 4 x 1-Mile @ 8K pace; 400M recovery. Finish with 2 x 400M @ 5K pace.

Wednesday October 12: (Tsom Kal) 8-10 x 800M, 5K pace.

Wednesday October 19: 3-4 x 2000M @ Tempo Interval pace (slightly faster than 10M race pace). 400M recovery jog.

Wednesday October 26: 2 x 20:00 @ Tempo Run pace (10M-Half Marathon pace). 2:30 recovery. MCM participants should do 1 x 20:00 @ marathon pace.

Wednesday November 2: 12- 20 x 400M @ 10K pace; 100M recovery.

Wednesday November 9: 6-10 x 800M @ 5K/10K pace. 400 recovery. Faster pace for those doing Philadelphia Marathon; slower for others and those recovering from October marathons.

Wednesday November 16: 3 x 1600M @ 10K pace; 400M recovery. Finish with 2 x 400M @ 5K pace.

Wednesday November 23: NO WORKOUT — THANKSGIVING.

Wednesday November 30: 4 x 1200M @ 10K pace. 400M recovery.

Wednesday December 7: 12 x 400M @ 10K pace. 400M recovery.

Wednesday December 14: Christmas/Hannukah Relays.

Wednesday December 21: Ladder; see September 14 workout, with exception that all repeats are at 10K pace.

Wednesday December 28: No workout. Enjoy the holidays and come back ready to roll in 2017!

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