SLR September 19 – Battery Kemble Loops

Hello Saturday Runners!

I hope everyone has been getting out and about in the excellent Fall-like mornings we’ve had this week! Our route on Saturday, September 19, will be Battery Kemble Loops for about 16 miles. You can shorten the route to 14 miles by running everything as written on the cue sheet, except skipping the two loops of Battery Kemble park. To shorten the route further, simply turn around and retrace your steps when you’ve reached half your desired distance. Extra mileage beyond 16 can be added either with additional loops of Battery Kemble park, or extra out-and-back distance on the Capital Crescent Trail.

Thank you Rodney Ast for post-run beverages, and thanks also to Rory Quirk for our mid-run beverage station! We are in need of post-run volunteers starting on October 3, and mid-run volunteers for two Saturdays in October, so take a look at our up to date schedule posted on the SLR page and let me know if you can cover either of these. As always, you can email me any dates you’d like to do mid-run drinks, or at least 2 consecutive weeks (preferably 4 weeks) for post-run drinks – all beverage expenses will be reimbursed by the club. Please volunteer; it’s your duty if you regularly participate in SLR!

Happy running!