Runner Spotlight: Dave Cahill

When did you begin running and why?
Growing up on a farm on the countryside of Ireland, I quickly discovered that chores got down much faster by running. Also as a kid my brothers and I would walk/run to school every day.
I ran my first 5k at the age of 10 and my second 5k 25 years later. In between I played soccer, Gaelic football, and rugby. After too many sports injuries and ending a love affair with Buffalo wings, I am delighted to have refocused my energy on just running.

What’s your favorite race distance?
10 Miles. Love the distance and a post race guilty-free beverage… or two.

What’s your favorite part about being a DCRR member?
The club is very welcoming and I love sharing the same passion for running with people who still know how to enjoy themselves.

What have you learned from being in the club?
DCRR members love chicken tenders and fries! I have learned that running is for all ages and abilities. Also, I have learned a lot of running tips from other members.

How do DC Road Runner events at Ireland’s Four Courts differ from others?
A lot of happy hours events take one hour or so to warm up. All of the DCRR events at Four Courts hit the ground running with non-stop chatter and end with satisfying the unique and hearty appetites of runners.

What’s your favorite post-race drink?
In cold weather, a Guinness is a must after a race. In warm weather, Sam Adams India pale Lager hits the spot.

What is your favorite route in VA/DC?
I love running the W/O trail from Bluemont Park near my house to the Curtis trail or Mount Vernon trail.

What’s the last run you did?
This morning I ran 10 miles on the rail- W/O Trail of course!

What’s your life like outside of running?
Pretty hectic, my wife Fiona and I have 2 kids, Darragh 5 and Aoife is 3. They keep us on our toes. I also coach kindergarten soccer a few days a week and of course managing the Four Courts takes up a few hours as well.

What is one thing you wouldn’t run without?
I could run barefoot and shirtless but I am attached to my Garmin 410.