C&O Canal

Surface: Towpath is all dirt and small rocks
Hills: None

From North Meade Street Park, go through Rosslyn and cross Key Bridge. Take a sharp right after the bridge down to river side of C&O Canal. Turn right (go under Key Bridge) and run for miles!

The mile markers are conveniently situated to match up with the distance traveled from Rosslyn. In other words, mile marker 3 (near Fletcher’s Boathouse) is 3 miles running from Rosslyn. Note that the mile markers are not all perfectly accurate, so don’t count on splits, but general distance is close.

  • 12 miles to Towpath Mile Marker 6 and back.
  • 19 miles to Capital Beltway and back. (Towpath Mile Marker 9.5)

Water stops (water turned off in winter):

  • Water and facilities at Fletcher’s Boathouse at Mile Marker 3
  • Water at Towpath Mile Marker 5
  • Water just before Towpath Mile Marker 9